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Querying from Amazon Athena

To read an Apache XTable™ (Incubating) synced target table (regardless of the table format) in Amazon Athena, you can create the table either by:

  • Using a DDL statement as mentioned in the following AWS docs:
  • Or maintain the tables in Glue Data Catalog

For an end to end tutorial that walks through S3, Glue Data Catalog and Athena to query an Apache XTable™ (Incubating) synced table, you can refer to the Apache XTable™ (Incubating) Glue Data Catalog Guide.

LIMITATION for Hudi target format:

To validate the Hudi targetFormat table results, you need to ensure that the query engine that you're using supports Hudi version 0.14.0 as mentioned here. Currently, Athena only supports 0.12.2 in Athena engine version 3, so querying Hudi targetFormat tables from Athena will not work.