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Querying from Apache Spark

To read an Apache XTable™ (Incubating) synced target table (regardless of the table format) in Apache Spark locally or on services like Amazon EMR, Google Cloud's Dataproc, Azure HDInsight, or Databricks, you do not need additional jars or configs other than what is needed by the respective table formats.

Refer to the project specific documentation for the required configurations that needs to be passed in when you create the spark session or when you submit a spark job.

LIMITATION for Hudi target format:

To validate the Hudi targetFormat table results, you need to ensure that you're using Hudi version 0.14.0 as mentioned here


hudi_options = {
"hoodie.metadata.enable": "true",
"hoodie.datasource.write.hive_style_partitioning": "true",

df ="hudi").options(**hudi_options).load("/path/to/source/data")